Cassandra A. Kelly
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Cassandra ‘Ann’ Kelly/ C. Kelly is a gifted singer and songwriter who is driven to deliver a Hip Hop/R&B/Inspirational sound that will change the lives of all that hears it.  She has a passion that burns within for music and melodies and creates dynamic and lyrical vocal compositions that the world will love. Cassandra is truly blessed to have the gift of music within her and prefers to use it to encourage, restore, mend, and strengthen those that hear it. She would love for the entire world to laugh, smile and have continuous joy within,  in spite of life’s circumstances.

Cassandra was born on January 19th in Alexandria, VA, and her love for music and singing was birthed at an early age of 5 years old. Surrounded by a family of ministers, musicians, and singers, she was destined to inherit the gift of song and lyrics. At the age of 5 years old, she began listening to her mother play the piano and sing as part of the music ministry for church. This inspired Cassandra to pursue music and motivated her to join the choir. At the age of 6 years old Cassandra discovered her song writing ability and has written many songs ever since. While in High School she joined “The Next Phaze” band along with her two sisters (Lisa & Angel) and continued to perform locally, winning local talent shows. Upon the band splitting up, Cassandra continued to pursue her music and wrote and performed with professional recording artist. Cassandra then went on to marry her boyfriend and they both worked on music together, singing for church’s and singing for the residents at the local Nursing Homes to inspire and encourage the residents as well as staff. Cassandra then partnered up with “Divine Touch Studios” owner “Sii” and has collaborated and created original songs for: her project, and an Atlanta Marketing Firm to create sound tracks and lyrics for professional and college football teams and Christmas Holiday marketing. Cassandra has organized Music workshops with the ‘Artist Company International”, produced local artist projects and organized church fundraisers projects for every genre of music.

Cassandra went on to divorce her husband and now lives as a single mom in North Carolina. In spite of Cassandra’s struggles, she survived a painful relationship of abuse in a domestic violence relationship. She has learned through the trials of life to love herself first because, no matter how much you love and put your all into someone we have to love THE CREATOR-THE SOURCE OF ALL THINGS and ourselves first because, self-hatred is our worst enemy. Cassandra is grounded in her beliefs and knows that sometimes we have to encourage ourselves, but never give up, continue to have faith!  In spite of her struggles, Cassandra has survived domestic violence and is a victor and a living testimony of living with an abusive husband for almost 2 decades. She has defeated and torn down the strongholds that have tried to destroy and stop her destiny and says that she used her tragic experiences as a tool for writing great songs that will encourage and uplift the world.  She says that “My trials and life’s experiences have strengthened me and has made me to be the vocalist and songwriter that I am today”. Cassandra loves to help others and desires for everyone to be healed and freed from the burdens of life. If she could have one wish, she’d wish for everyone to be burden free. Cassandra desires all that hears her music to: feel the messages she is relaying, be inspired by the song and most of all feel the love through the music. She believes that making others laugh and smile is satisfying, rewarding and gratifying than water on a hot and humid day. Cassandra’s passion for singing and songwriting flows only by inspiration and by her life’s experiences and trials. They have strengthened her and have made her to be the vocalist and songwriter that she is today. Cassandra’s favorite musical artists include: Maude Kelly-her mother, Sam Cooke, The Commodores, Mahalia Jackson, Shirley Ceasar, Sade, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight and Atlantic Starr, as well as, many other talented artist across various genres of music.

Cassandra is very laid back, dedicated, resourceful, and classy and is always in a positive and humble state of mind. She knows that life isn’t all about self  but, about helping, loving others and making a difference in the world! She believes that it is important to stay humble in life because nothings promised another day and we are blessed for the now. Cassandra knows that all the pain and suffering in her life isn’t in vain and knows that there is a purpose for her life. She feels that in life we must stay focused and keep it moving in a positive manner because, it is so easy to get off course and on the wrong path by the choices we make. We should live life to the fullest-without fear-without regrets-she says because, one can make a difference in the world whether it’s through; songs, kind words or deeds-it does make a difference! Cassandra chooses to be a positive force in the world, and put positive energy in the atmosphere because positive thinking brings forth positive results.

Cassandra’s song writing ability is astounding and inspiring and she believes that everyone will be able to relate to her produced songs. She has a wide range with her gifted voice and writes, arranges and records all lead and background vocals on every song and project she records.  She has written and produced many songs in her library of music and still has many other new artistic ideas waiting to be recorded and shared with the world. Cassandra is continually working on new projects, she wrote and arranged all vocals and lyrics on her first CD-I’M That Woman” project which was released in 2015.  She believes that each of her songs will have some kind of effect on those that listens whether it be: encouragement, restoration or strengthening, it will impact those that hears her songs.


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